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Soft Starters for induction motors are static starting switches, intended for the acceleration, deceleration and protection of three-phase motors. The voltage control applied to the motor, by setting the thyristor firing angle, allows smooth starts and stops. With proper variable settings, the torque produced is set to the requirement of the load, ensuring that the demanded current of the start is the lowest actually required. Our soft starters for induction motors are reliable and are recommended to work with.

Applications for soft starters for induction motors: 

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Alternative pumps (sanitation / irrigation / petroleum)
  • Fans, exhausts, blowers, air compressors
  • Refrigeration (screw / piston)
  • Mixers, aerators, centrifugal machines, crushers, grinders, wood chippers, paper refiners, rotating ovens, saws and shavers (wood), mills (balls / hammer)
  • Load transportation. 

TYPE-03 and TYPE-04 Line 

  •  Currents: 16 to 1400 A 
  •  Voltage: 220 to 575 V 
  •  Built-in Man-Machine Interface (MMI) 
  •  "Kick-Start" function for starts with high static friction "Pump Control" function for the intelligent control of pumping systems 
  • Built-in RS-232 serial communication Integral electronic motor protection Operation in environments up to 55°C

TYPE-05 Line 

  • Current: 3 to 85 A 
  • Voltage: 220 to 575 V 
  • Built-in By-pass 
  • DSP control Remote MMI (optional) 
  • Built-in motor protections 
  • Operation in environments up to 55°C 

TYPE-06 Line 

  • Current: 85 to 1400 A 
  • Voltage: 220 to 575 V 
  • Torque Control 
  • Built-in By-pass 
  • Removable MMI with a double display (LED/LCD) 
  • Kick-Start" function for starts with elevated static friction 
  • "Pump Control" function for the intelligent control of pumping systems 
  • Built-in motor and switch protections 
  • Operation in environments of up to 55°C 
  • Communication networks: Profibus DP, DeviceNet and Modbus RTU (optional) 


  • Line Incorporated By-pass funtion 
  • 17 up to 200 A Voltage 
  • 220 up to 575V 
  •  High starting Duty cycle 
  •  Three-phase controlled 
  •  Built-in motor and soft starter protection 
  •  "Kick-Start" for high inertia loads 
  •  Local or remote keypad (optional) Motor PTC Input (optional) 
  • Operation in ambient temperature up to 55 ºC 
  • Extremely reduced weigh and dimension Communication: Profibus DP, DeviceNet, RS232 e RS485 (optional)